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Pet memorials

As we all know, the hardest part of pet ownership is saying goodbye to our companions.
I have pets of my own, i've loved and lost pets many times so i know exactly how it feels.
I can offer a few different services to remember your loved ones by, whether you just want to have your friend cremated, or you want to have something more physical as a keepsake, feel free to email me and share your thoughts, i'm open to most things.

It's important to have a plan for when the time comes and to consider your options, because when it does eventually happen you may not be in the mindset to think about what to do next, so never feel bad about going through your options well in advance to expecting loss. 

Any animal, pet or not is treated with the upmost respect here, and are treated as if one of my own.

On this page you'll see a few examples of things i can offer.


Firstly regardless of what paid service you choose to remember your pet by, I provide free complimentary memoirs with, which includes ink prints of paws and nose and a vial of fur collected from your pet as a keepsake.
Its just a small gesture of my appreciation to you for choosing me.

Clay imprints of paws and noses are a great affordable way to have something meaningful to remember your loves one by.
I can make these as freestanding items to display as you wish, or i can create them as hanging discs if you wanted to, for example, hang them on a Christmas tree or similar.
Clay imprints cost £5.00 each and there's no limit as to how many copies you want doing, if you wanted to share them with family.


Plaster Paw casts really bring your pet back into the room, we use alginate to cast the entire paw in, this picks up all the detail of the paws.
Paw casts are free standing so can be displayed on a shelf or mantle piece, or we can also provide you a glass bell jar to display your friends cast in and keep it protected and clean.

The budget paw casts are cast in a hard setting plaster and are £10.00 a piece.

Or the premium paw cast is cast in a polyurethane resin which sets solid and these are £20.00 a piece.

Both materials can be painted, only the resin can get wet, we advise plaster casts are kept away from any moisture.
We can only replicate two copies maximum of any paw.

Resin nose casts are just lovely little memoirs, noses are cast in alginate which picks up all the little details and then the resin really captures those from the cast too.
Nose casts are £12.00 a piece and we can replicate as many as you wish to purchase.


Skull preservation is something we see more and more of as time goes on.
We can retrieve your pet, process the skull and clean it for you to display at home.

We can process the entire skeleton if you wish but this is a lengthy process which can take up to a year to complete.
We do not offer skeletal articulation, only to clean the bones and return to yourself.
However should you wish to have your pet articulated in skeleton form, we can recommend other people that can provide the service for you.

We cannot offer to have your pets remains cremated and returned to you if you choose to have the skeleton cleaned, this is because cremains are made up of cremated bones, if you remove the bones and cremate the flesh, you will not be left with any physical cremains to have back.
However if you would only like the skull processed, you can also have your pets body cremated along side that at our located pet crematorium who are an independent crematorium and come highly recommended.

Skull cleaning for cats, small dogs and other small animals is £30.00
for larger pets is it £50.00

I'm sorry to say I am not currently offering skeleton cleaning services, only skulls.

Cremation can be quoted on request and is charged at the crematoriums rates only, nothing additional is added by myself.

Heart preservation is one we don't get asked about as often but we do not judge here, its something that can be achieved relatively easily, if you so wish.
Using a combination of chemicals we fix the tissues of the heart which is then stored in a high percentage pure alcohol solution for the rest of its days.
So you get to keep the purest of hearts forever to display and admire or keep under lock and key for personal admiration.
The heart would be presented in a nice jar and a separate bottle of alcohol for you to fill the jar with upon receiving your heart back, you just need to fill it enough for the heart to be fully submerged.

Wet preservation starts at £40.00 for a smaller organ such as cat or small dog heart, and increases with size, usually no more than £60.00.

Keep anything containing alcohol away from sources of heat as they are highly flammable.
We also recommend keeping specimens out of direct sunlight, you can read all about how to best care for your specimens on our care page found in the menu at the top of the page.


Tail and skin preservation is a popular choice for owners, nothing too physical but comforting enough that they can really reach out and touch their pet.

We cannot offer the processing a tanning of a complete animals skin for you to display at home, because it has to be done in a way that professional tanneries would process them in order to get the required quality finish of a leather, soft and supple with fibres broken by machinery we just wouldn't be able to house.
due to the laws around cat and dog fur too, its unlikely any professional tannery would take on the task either sadly.

So we do offer to process sections of skin rather than the entire skin, so maybe a patch of fur with a specific pattern that you love or as stated above, some people have the tail done. Something they can hold and stroke to feel close to their pet.

This service starts at £60.00 and may increase depending on the size of the area of skin you want processing.

Paw preservation is a good option for most people interested in pet taxidermy, while it doesn't mean the entire animal undergoes the taxidermy process, its still something very personal and physical for owners to take away.

We can offer taxidermy paws on animals from the size of a rabbit and up, anything smaller would be dehydrated and be much like the paw keyrings we sell in our store.

Taxidermy paws start at £50.00 per paw for smaller pets and £80.00 for larger dogs and other pets.

Paw dehydration for small animals starts at just £20.00 per paw.


Wet preservation is something most commonly chosen for reptiles as well as very young animals such as those that passed at or shortly after birth, where other forms of preservation can be tricky for them since their bones have not developed enough to clean properly and their skin is very delicate.

Wet preservation for entire specimens starts at £40.00 for animals mouse or hamster sized and increases depending on the size of the specimen.

A jar is provided for your specimen and is included in the price.

We can clean and preserve snake skins for owners to keep and display at home either by draping them over furniture or hanging on the wall, or indeed just framing sections or creating other things from it, the possibilities are endless.
Snake skin keeps all its pattern and only fades in colour ever so slightly when preserved this way.

Prices for snake skin preservation are £10.oo per foot of length.
So you could either just have a 1ft section of skin preserved or you could have the entire skin as one piece with or without head and tail included, just measure your snake to work out the total cost of the process.


If you have a pet invertebrate you want preserving, this is also something we can do, you can either have your pet framed in whichever way you choose with whatever colour frame or background you desire.
Or alternatively have them set inside a dome display, let me know how you want it to look and I'll do my best to put it together.

Make sure you freeze the invert as quickly as possible after you find it dead, to keep it fresh.

Frames start at £30.00
Dome displays start at £45.00

Recently I was approached by someone who wanted to exhume a pet that was buried at the family home, so that they could take the remains with them to their new house.
It was a new request for me but I am often up for trying something new.
The pet cat had been buried for around four years, inside a pillow case so all the bones stayed together, the owner dug the case up but didn't want to open it in fear of what they may see.
So they posted the case to me and I opened it, all that remained was bones and some maggot casings and a few creepies.
I cleaned up the bones as best I could and they were sent back all nice and clean to be admired for many years to come.
So if anybody has a similar request, I'm happy to help you too.


A small Gallery of Taxidermied pets with their memorial pieces.

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