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  • How do you source your animals?
    Nothing i work on has been killed to become what i make, i don't support the 'Shoot to kill' mentality. My animals mostly consist of donated captive animals, such as pets, pet-shop stock, rescued animals that couldn't be saved as well as road traffic victims and in some instances, a by-product of the pest control industry. I do not support cruel practices such as the snaring of animals, it has no place in modern society. All my invertebrate specimens are sourced from captive environments and so the sourcing of them does not impact wild populations or the eco system.
  • Can you ship outside of the UK?
    Unfortunately at the moment in time i do not ship outside of the UK.
  • Do you take pet commisions?
    Yes i am now taking mammal pet commissions including dogs and cats, however i am not currently taking rodent and rabbit taxidermy commissions, i can direct you to people who can help you though if that's what you want to do. Its vital you understand that even the best pieces of taxidermy do not accurately resemble what that animal looked like in life. This becomes complicated when it involves pets because the characteristics and expressions that you’re so aware of in your pet may not be replicated in its taxidermy form and therefore while you may receive an excellent piece of taxidermy, it may not necessarily look like the pet you knew and loved. This can be hard to accept and i would not want to disappoint anybody in that way, so you must understand and agree that you accept this when commissioning me to taxidermy a pet. It is VERY important that your pet was frozen as soon as possible after death in order to become taxidermy, 4-5 hours in summer or double in winter providing they've been kept as cool as possible is safe before they must be put into a freezer. If your pet died two days ago and its not been frozen, i cannot taxidermy the animal for you.
  • Do you taxidermy birds?
    At this moment in time i do not do bird taxidermy, its quite a different practice to mammal taxidermy and i just havent learnt enough of the skills required to be doing it yet. However if you're looking to commission somebody to taxidermy a bird for you, i have a few people i can recommend to you.
  • Why do commissions cost more than the items you sell in your shop?
    Ok, so the items i sell in my store and on my stalls are things i have put together in my own time, these are things i've had creative freedom to do. When you commission me to mount an animal or to put together a display for you, i then have a time frame i need to create this item in, you will give me a description of what you want which could be complex and require more materials and time to put together in order to provide you with something as near to what you desire, all of this incurs additional cost and work hours and so this is what my quote would be based on. The more complex your commission is, the more cost it will incur.
  • Can i donate an animal to you?
    Absolutely, feel free to email me at preferably with a picture of the specimen you wish to send me. The specimen needs to be frozen as soon as possible after you find it passed. If you've picked up roadkill that you think is of use to me, you can often gauge the freshness of the animal by the eyes, if they are clear and plump the animal is fresh, if they're quite sunken and clouded over, chances are the animal has been dead a few days, and if they smell or when you give the fur a tug in various places, some comes out then its likely too far gone for me to do anything with. Otherwise get it bagged and frozen, you'll want to try and compact it down as small as possible before you freeze it, not only will it take up less room in your freezer, but when you send it, the package will also be smaller and cheaper. To prepare to send i'll ask you to first wrap the specimen in something absorbent like kitchen toweling or newspaper, then wrap it in kitchen foil (shiny side in) and then double bag. pop into a cardboard box nice and snug with either crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap around it so its nice and insulated and also not going to be thrown about inside the box. Up to you if you wish to add ice packs, anything to help keep it frozen longer is a bonus, and then you'll want to send it via 24hr special delivery so it gets here the next day and is tracked. I will cover any shipping and packing costs and send you a little extra as a thank you. Most post office workers will ask you whats inside for safety, this is to ensure you're not sending batteries, alcohol, exsplosives, weapons etc... but i find its easier just to say 'Craft supplies' and save yourself any awkward questions or looks (",) I will add some helpful cards below this FAQ section to help you determine whether you've found an animal you can legally pick up, anything not mentioned is generally fine, but i can advise you further when you email me anyway!

Some helpful cards created by @jaketeachesdeath on Insta to help you with some animals that you may be unsure if you can touch.

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